Thailande: mon itinéraire / My itinerary in Thailand

J’ai passé 22 jours en Thailande, qui sont passés très vite, car j’ai retrouvé mes parents durant 2 semaines, et ensuite, j’ai passé Noël avec Alice, ma colocataire de New York, venue de Hong Kong:
Bangkok, capitale, culture, shopping: 3 nuits
Chiang Mai, Nord, culture, nourriture: 4 nuits
Pai, Nord Ouest, nature et tranquillité: 3 nuits
Chiang Mai: 1 nuit
Bangkok: 6 nuits
Ban Phe, Est, ferry pour les iles: 1 nuit
Ko Samet, Est, île paradisiaque: 3 nuits
Bangkok: 1 nuit

I spent 22 days in Thailand but it went very fast since my parents joined me for 2 weeks, and then Alice, my roommate from New York who now lives in Hong Kong, came to join me for Christmas:
Bangkok, capital city, culture, shopping: 3 nights
Chiang Mai, North, culture, food: 4 nights
Pai, North West, nature and quietness : 3 nights
Chiang Mai: 1 night
Bangkok: 6 nights
Ban Phe, East, ferry to the islands: 1 night
Ko Samet, Esst, paradise island: 3 nights
Bangkok: 1 night


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