Cambodge: mon itinéraire / My itinerary in Cambodia 


J’ai passé 20 jours au Cambodge et voici mon itinéraire:
– Siem Reap (les temples d’Angkor): 5 nuits
– Phnom Penh (capitale, culture, visite musée S21 sur le génocide et Killing Fields): 3 nuits
– Kampot/Kep (campagne, culture du poivre et crabe bleu de Kep): 2 nuits
– Sihanoukville (mer): 1 nuit
– Koh Rong (ile paradisiaque): 2 nuits
– Sihanoukville (relax):1 nuit
– Phnom Penh (ciné et visite de l’association PSE): 3 nuits
– Battambang (cirque et bateau pour relier Siem Reap): 1 nuit
– Siem Reap (relax, massage): 2 nuits

Mes photos du Cambodge

I spent 20 days in Cambodia and below you will find my itinerary:
– Siem Reap (Angkor temples): 5 nights
– Phnom Penh (capital city, culture (killing fields and S21 museum): 3 nights
– Kampot/Kep (countryside, pepper farming, blue crab in Kep): 2 nights
– Sihanoukville (sea): 1 night
– Koh Rong (paradise island): 2 nights
– Sihanoukville (relax): 1 night
– Phnom Penh (visit of the PSE NGO, cinema): 3 nights
– Battambang (circus and slow boat to go to Siem Reap): 1 night
– Siem Reap (relax, massage): 2 nights

My pictures of Cambodia


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